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While this website’s primary focus is on tea, I would be remiss if as an author I did not mention a bit of information about my other writings—my books. This page is to merely give you a quick

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​​Into Africa: the Return, articulates Blackwood’s second journey to West Africa. This time she is accompanied by two American cousins– Peabody, 70, and her daughter, Marie. After 40 years, Cousin Peabody reunites with Afua, her Ashanti friend. Afua’s brother dies the day before the three cousins arrive in Ghana and plans go awry. Peabody soon realizes that her previous refusal to visit Africa was unwarranted. In Ghana, Blackwood meets her protégée Frieda and the dashing Pastor Ray for the first time.




A remarkable and intriguing story about a journey to the land of Blackwood’s ancestors. Into Africa begins in Nigeria with exposure to the tight control by the military that causes Blackwood to experience fear as never before. Her journey continues to take her on an exploration of a new mysterious world where she experiences joy and wonderment as she shares in the lives of family members, friends and new acquaintances.

"Yvonne Blackwood's book made me want to rise up and pursue my dreams. The story is a journey in more ways than one. It's a journey to West Africa. It's a journey to enlightenment. . ."
~Cynthia Reyes, Executive Producer CBC

 WILL THAT BE CASH OR CUFFS?                                              

A hilarious, true story with a bizarre cast of characters that appear and disappear like Extra Terrestrials, and their ingenious methods of stealing in a large supermarket chain, coupled with the personal conflicts and challenges of staff working for the organization. It’s a perfect storm! We laugh on one hand and empathize on the other when we meet Mrs. Johnson, the little old lady who wants to be "soft and smooth" and will stop at nothing to do so.

DEAL! You can now purchase this book at for $5.00 + shipping using PayPal!

DEAL! You can now purchase this book at for $5.00 + shipping using PayPal!


NOSEY CHARLIE COMES TO TOWN.