What is tea?

The word “tea’ usually refers to tea that is brewed from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, and herbal tea, which is also called tisanes. Herbal teas are steeped from not just leaves of plants but from flowers, roots or berries.

Where does tea come from?
The camellia
sinensisplant is a native of Southern China and South East Asia. The tea made from it was developed in China about 2000 years ago, but only became widespread about 1000 years ago.

Research shows that almost every country in the world drinks some type of tea. In 2014 the top three tea-consumption countries (per capita) were Turkey, Morocco, and Ireland. I suppose we couldn’t have a more diversified group than this!

What does tea contain that makes it so tantalizing, stimulating, and delightful? Tea leaves have a number of phenol molecules that gives them an astringent, and bitterness which is meant to repel animals from eating them, however, it is these qualities that make tea taste so good to humans. In addition, the way in which the tender young leaves are processed makes a big difference in the final brew.

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